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Welcome to Chess Siberia - our comprehensive chess guide, providing you news, tips, reading and software on the game we all love. Chess certainly isn't easy and it's definitely not a game of luck, unlike casino type games. It takes study, time and patience to develop your game and become a truly great chess player.


The 41st World Chess Olympiad 2014 took place in Tromso (Norway) 2nd-14th August. Free Days: 7th and 13th August.
Wang Yue of China. Photos by Anastasiya Karlovich Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia
We are the Champions!? Wang Yue of China. Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia, the gold medal, 7.5 out of 9. Photos by Anastasiya Karlovich.
Olympiad Open. 1. China - 19 out of 22, 2. Hungary, 3. India, 4. Russia, 5. Azerbaijan - 17.
China: Wang Yue, Ding Liren, Yu Yangyi, Ni Hua, Wei Yi.
Round 11: Poland-China 1-3 (Duda got his queen into the rival's camp in the opening and lost a pawn vs Yu, and Ding had a huge advantage in the endgame vs Gajewski, so China will be Champion), Hungary-Ukraine 2-2, Russia-France 2.5-1.5 (Edouard made mistakes 61.Qa7? 66.Bf1?, and Nepomniachtchi won. Kramnik grabbed a pawn in the ending vs Vachier-Lagrave, a draw), Azerbaijan-USA 2.5-1.5 (Mamedyarov had an extra piece vs Nakamura), India-Uzbekistan 3.5-0.5.

Round 10: France-China 1.5-2.5 (Yu beat Fressinet in the endgame), Ukraine-Azerbaijan 2-2, Hungary-Romania 3-1 (Rapport won a queen vs Vajda), Bulgaria-Poland 1.5-2.5, USA-Argentina 2.5-1.5, Serbia-Russia 1.5-2.5 (Kramnik grabbed a pawn vs Ivanisevic and won. Indjic sacrificed a piece vs Karjakin, but lost), Germany-India 1.5-2.5, Netherlands-Uzbekistan 1.5-2.5, Czech Rep-Belarus 2-2, Vietnam-Armenia 2-2.
Round 9: China-Ukraine 2-2, Czech Rep-France 1.5-2.5, Azerbaijan-Romania 2-2, Israel-Hungary 1-3, Bulgaria-Cuba 2.5-1.5, USA-Germany 2-2, Armenia-Serbia 2-2, Russia-Norway2 2.5-1.5.
Round 8: China-Azerbaijan 3-1, Romania-Czech Rep 2-2, Ukraine-Bulgaria 2.5-1.5, France-Poland 2.5-1.5, Germany-Cuba 2-2, India-Armenia 2-2, Hungary-USA 2-2, Russia-Spain 2-2.
Round 7: Cuba-Azerbaijan 1.5-2.5, Czech Rep-Russia 3-1, Serbia-China 0.5-3.5, Bulgaria-Netherlands 3-1, Armenia-Hungary 2-2, France-Georgia 3-1, Norway-Germany 1.5-2.5, USA-Uzbekistan 3.5-0.5, Kazakhstan-Ukraine 0.5-3.5.
Round 6: Azerbaijan-Georgia 3.5-0.5 (A very strange opening in Mamedyarov-Jobava, White was better and won), Serbia-Bulgaria 2-2, Cuba-Kazakhstan 3.5-0.5, Uzbekistan-Russia 1.5-2.5 (Grischuk played a rare move 11.Nb3 in the Bogo-Indian vs Filippov, but then had a strong attack with 20.Ng5! and checkmated with 28.Be6), Bosnia&Herzegovina-France 2-2, Vietnam-Hungary 1-3 (Leko grabbed pawns in the opening vs Le, a draw), England-Armenia 1.5-2.5, USA-Paraguay 3-1, Italy-Norway 1-3 (Carlsen outplayed Caruana in the endgame).
Round 5: Azerbaijan-Serbia 2-2, Russia-Bulgaria 2-2 (Kramnik seized space on the queenside vs Topalov, sacrificed the exchange and won brilliantly), Armenia-Norway 2.5-1.5 (Carlsen played a rare line 5...Na6 in the Slav vs Aronian, Levon had two bishops and grabbed a pawn, but Magnus defended well, a draw), China-Netherlands 1.5-1.5, Ukraine-Uzbekistan 1.5-2.5, Israel-Cuba 1.5-2.5, Canada-USA 2-2.
Round 4: France-Azerbaijan 1.5-2.5 (Mamedyarov beat Vachier-Lagrave), Serbia-Czech Rep 2.5-1.5, Russia-China 2-2 (Kramnik grabbed the exchange vs Wang, a draw), Netherlands-Israel 2-2, Uzbekistan-Germany 2-2, Norway-Poland 2.5-1.5 (Carlsen won with the nice 31.Be6! vs Wojtaszek), RSA-USA 1-3.
Round 3: Armenia-France 1.5-2.5 (A sharp fight in the King's Indian Saemisch in Aronian-Vachier, a draw, 22.Rf3 was better to keep an extra piece), USA-Netherlands 1.5-2.5 (Kamsky played the Dutch vs Dutchman L'Ami and seized the open c-file, but lost), Germany-England 2-2, Poland-Cuba 2-2, Italy-India 2-2, FYROM-Russia 0-4 (Svidler attacked), Hungary-China 1.5-2.5.
Round 2: Russia-Qatar 3.5-0.5 (Al-Tamimi-Nepomniachtchi draw), Norway2-Ukraine 2-2, France-Mongolia 4-0, Australia-Armenia 1-3, Hungary-Venezuela 2.5-1.5, Colombia-USA 1-3, China-Albania 3.5-0.5.
Round 1: Jordan-Russia 0-4 (Grischuk won in 16 moves), Ukraine-Tunisia 4-0, Zambia-France 0-4, Armenia-Japan 4-0 (Japan could have drawn: Kojima could have won, Averbukh had an advantage), Algeria-Hungary 0-4, USA-Uganda 4-0, Norway-Yemen 2.5-1.5.

Olympiad Women. 1. Russia - 20 out of 22, 2. China, 3. Ukraine - 18.
Russia: Kateryna Lagno, Valentina Gunina, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Olga Girya, Natalija Pogonina.
Round 11: Russia-Bulgaria 2.5-1.5, Ukraine-China 2-2, Georgia-Germany 4-0, Armenia-Spain 2.5-1.5.

Round 10: Ukraine-Russia 2.5-1.5, China-Spain 2-2, Germany-Romania 2.5-1.5, Georgia-Poland 3-1.
Round 9: Armenia-Russia 1.5-2.5, France-China 0.5-3.5, India-Ukraine 1.5-2.5, Spain-Argentina 3.5-0.5.
Round 8: Russia-Hungary 3.5-0.5, China-Poland 3-1, France-USA 2.5-1.5, Ukraine-Georgia 2.5-1.5.
Round 7: Russia-China 3-1, Poland-France 2-2, Georgia-Serbia 3-1, Kazakhstan-Ukraine 1-3.
Round 6: China-Hungary 3-1, Serbia-Russia 0.5-3.5, Georgia-Latvia 3-1, Ukraine-Bulgaria 3-1.
Round 5: Indonesia-China 0.5-3.5, Hungary-Iran 2.5-1.5, Russia-Georgia 2.5-1.5, Serbia-Ukraine 3-1.
Round 4: China-Azerbaijan 3.5-0.5, Germany-Russia 1.5-2.5, Netherlands-Georgia 2-2, Ukraine-Turkey 3-1.
Round 3: USA-China 1-3, Russia-France 2.5-1.5, Spain-Ukraine 2-2, Georgia-Italy 3.5-0.5.
Round 2: China-Venezuela 4-0, Brazil-Russia 0-4, Ukraine-Australia 3-1, Montenegro-Georgia 1-3.
Round 1: IBCA-China 0-4, Russia-Jordan 4-0, Luxembourg-Ukraine 0-4, Georgia-Kyrgyzstan 4-0.
Open Teams: Russia (Kramnik), Ukraine (Ivanchuk), France (Vachier-Lagrave), Hungary (Leko, Almasi), Armenia (Aronian), United States of America (Nakamura), China (Wang), Azerbaijan (Mamedyarov), Norway (Carlsen), Germany (Naiditsch), Italy (Caruana).
Olympiad Women: China (Hou Yifan), Russia (Kosteniuk), Ukraine (Muzychuk), Georgia (Dzagnidze), India (Harika), USA (Krush), Germany (Paehtz).

Openings Clubs

New ideas in various chess openings.
Ding, Liren (2742) - Gajewski, Grzegorz (2659) [E11], World Chess Olympiad, Tromso (11) 2014. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 18.08.2014

So, Wesley (2744) - Jobava, Baadur (2713) [A40], ACP Golden Classic, Bergamo (6) 2014. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 31.07.2014

Van Wely, Loek (2657) - L'Ami, Erwin (2650) [A04], NED-ch, Amsterdam (6) 2014. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 22.07.2014

Hou, Yifan (2629) - Stefanova, Antoaneta (2488) [A35], Women's Grand Prix, Lopota (5) 2014. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 9.07.2014

Carlsen, Magnus (2837) - Polgar, Judit (2673) [E81], World Blitz Chess Championship, Dubai (14) 2014. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 27.06.2014

Caruana, Fabiano (2791) - Karjakin, Sergey (2771) [A34], Norway Chess, Stavanger (Round 9) 2014. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 18.06.2014

Kamsky, Gata (2713) - Akobian, Varuzhan (2643) [D02], USA Chess Championship TB, Saint Louis (2) 2014. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 30.05.2014

Best Chess Players And Games Of Month 2000-2004

Philosophy And Psychology Of Chess Struggle

Theoreticians know all. The Slav Classic, the pressure on the centre, two weaknesses and a fighting spirit (by Boris Schipkov, 21.02.2012)

How To Play Against A Novelty (by Boris Schipkov, 17.11.2005)

Enlightenment (My precious)
A Marvellous Combination Of The XX Century (by Boris Schipkov, 21.05.2005)

Time trouble?! Zeitnot!
Paehtz, Thomas Sr (2450) - Schipkov, Boris [D36], Miskolc open 1989 (Notes by Boris Schipkov, 21.12.2003)

A real sacrifice
Peric, Slavisa (2345) - Schipkov, Boris (2355) [D17], Kecskemet 1992. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 10.02.2013


Reviews Of Chess Events

The review of chess events for 2013 (WCC match Anand-Carlsen, Candidates, World Cup)

The review of chess events for 2012 (40th Chess Olympiad, WCC match Anand-Gelfand)

The review of chess events for 2011 (Candidates Matches, World Cup)

The review of chess events for 2010 (39th Chess Olympiad, WCC match Anand-Topalov)

The review of chess events for 2009 (World Cup)

Chess And Fiction

2013: I see Google develops Google Glass. It is interesting that I described in 2008 in my unpublished science fiction novel "Svetly put'" (that was used without my permission and partly stole by infamous writer V. Pelevin, the publishing house Eksmo and others) the powerful computer glasses. The competitors of the Google - Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Baidu (Baidu Eye), Olympus, Valve, Samsung and LG - also develops various wearable computers with a head-mounted displays. If a corporation donates me some money, then I could give the pages of my novel where I wrote about the computer glasses and what people did with it, and with augmented reality. Or I could sell the pages. Probably they could be useful for development, elaboration, advertising and promotion of such computer glasses.

Peter I, Napoleon I, Ivan IV the Terrible, Tamerlan, Frederick II, Philip II, Henry I did not play golf, tennis, football or hockey. They played chess, enjoying their rest time, developing the abilities and joining the world culture.
The Game of Kings. Chaining the times (by Boris Schipkov, 5.05.2003)

Nabokov's Luzhin and his prototypes. Disclosing the mystery

Chess And Music

Two games of Francois-Andre Danican Philidor. By Boris Schipkov, 17.11.2012

Paul Morphy and Gioacchino Rossini (2000)

Chess, Cinema and Painting

Mona Lisa Chess Superstar and the game of Marcel Duchamp. By Boris Schipkov. 5.03.2012

New pictures 24.02.2012

Chess And Software

The epic trilogy - Dutch Defence by Boris Schipkov (CD-ROMs, ChessBase)
Critics's Voices on the Dutch Defence trilogy by Boris Schipkov


A new record: Magnus Carlsen has the highest Elo rating in the world of all time, 2882 in May 2014 FIDE Rating List
FIDE Rating, May 2014, Top 100 Players

A new record: Magnus Carlsen has the highest Elo rating in the world of all time, 2881 in March 2014 FIDE Rating List
FIDE Rating, March 2014, Top 102

Germany leads in the number of rated chess players
Secrets of the January 2014 FIDE Rating List (by Boris Schipkov, 9.01.2014)

A new record: Magnus Carlsen has the highest Elo rating in the world of all time, 2872 in February 2013 FIDE Rating List
FIDE Rating, February 2013, Top 100

Germany leads in the number of players with ratings. The greatest increase in the number of players was in India.
Secrets of the January 2013 FIDE Rating List (by Boris Schipkov, 7.01.2013)

Germany leads in the number of players with rating. The greatest increase in the number of players was in Spain.
Secrets of the January 2012 FIDE Rating List (by Boris Schipkov, 7.01.2012)
Secrets of the January 2008 FIDE Rating List (by Boris Schipkov, 11.02.2008)
Secrets of the July 2007 FIDE Rating List (by Boris Schipkov, 12.08.2007)
Secrets of the January 2007 FIDE Rating List (by Boris Schipkov, 11.02.2007)
There are more than 1000 chess grandmasters in the World.
Secrets of the July 2006 FIDE Rating List (by Boris Schipkov, 15.08.2006)


We will fly to Mars in XXI century. We must fly.

Cosmos and Stars (by Boris Schipkov, 12.04.2006)

Space (Soyuz-9) - Earth (Control Center) [D20], Radio Match 1970 (by Boris Schipkov, 15.04.2006)

Extracts From Old Chess Papers.

The chess newspaper "64" for September, 1938. Photos by Boris Schipkov. 26.12.2013

The chess magazine "L'Italia Scacchistica" for September, 1933. Photos by Boris Schipkov. 3.02.2012

The review 5 numbers of the newspaper "64" for December, 1937 (28.01.2004)
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Philidor is my friend, Alekhine is my friend, but my greatest friend is truth.
Boris Ruslanovich Schipkov

Photos: Novosibirsk and Siberia

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